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Lesbian Travel Guide: Seoul, South Korea

  Korea is the land of beautiful cities, high tech experiences, and ancient history. Korea offers is a travel option for LGBT people looking to explore somewhere different from our usual Key West and Barcelona retreats. Seoul is clean, well organized and has an extremely efficient public transportation system. If you’re looking to explore Korean culture, you can visit one of the many ancient temples and museums dedicated to the history of the Korean peninsula. If modern delights are more your thing, check out Hongdae for art galleries, cafes, and a thriving club culture. Fly into Inchon International Airport...

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Work Hard, Play Harder, Korean Nightlife in Seoul

Photo Credit: denAusuncioner Koreans are stereotyped as some of the hardest working people on Earth. There is definitely some truth to that. I’m an American expat who teaches English. I’ve been living and working in South Korea for just under a year. It’s hard not to notice the differences in work expectations here in Seoul. My elementary school students go to school for as long as 10-12 hours a day and are expected to learn material covering an intensely wide range of topics. This kind of work ethic doesn’t stop once they graduate. Many Korean businesses require long hours...

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15 Oxnard Restaurants You Must Try

  When we visited Oxnard I made it my personal mission to eat as many restaurants as possible. But let’s be honest that’s pretty much my plan when visiting any new place. All of the super fresh food we devoured seemed to go hand in hand with the active beach community we fell in love with. So save yourself for needing to do too much research, these are the Oxnard restaurants you can’t miss.   Breakfast in Oxnard Palm & Boy Coffee + Acai This is what I think of when I think of the quintessential beach breakfast. At...

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A Rapidly Shrinking List of All the Lesbian Bars Left Worldwide

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that lesbian bars are shutting down at an increasing rate across most of the Western world and, I assume, the planet in general. This cuts off a lot of access to our community and helps to render queer women invisible. To make matters worse, the majority of gay-friendly spaces cater to gay men and, while most are welcoming to LGBTQ+ women and nonbinary people, it can still be alienating to not have a place of one’s own in our city centers. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of all the lesbian...

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How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Oxnard, California

    The small seaside city of Oxnard California is probably the most charming town I’ve ever visited. National Parks. Vineyards. Cliffs nestled beside crashing waves. Scenic marina views. Dolphins. Sea lions. Foxes, for some reason? Fresh seafood. It kinda sounds like I’m describing a bunch of different locations, doesn’t it? Nope, I’m describing one small destination in Southern California, located just an hour north of Los Angeles, Oxnard Beach. It’s the PERFECT weekend getaway from Los Angeles! When Visit Oxnard invited us to visit we knew we had to take them up on the invitation.  Think sandy beaches,...

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